The following is a list of TriLateral Systems’ trademarks and service marks.

The absence of a product, service name, or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of TriLateral Systems’ trademark rights or other intellectual property rights governing that product, service name, or logo.

TrademarkGeneric Terms & Info
TriLateral Systems™company name
TriLateral Systems™ logocompany logo
FluidFacial™software technology
NeuralPad™application program
KonfabScheduler™application program
KonfabUtility™application program
Angel-T™software technology
Angel-Z™software technology
Kilobots™software technology
LiquiGauge™application program
IronMasque™application program
BioSimulant™software technology / application program
TriDevAssist™application program suite
DevAssist™application program suite
CPUMasque™application program
Mystic Golem™logo / mascot
NuAngel Algorithms™algorithms © 1997-2005 Christopher Thompson
MacBetaGroup™service name
MacBetaNews™service name
TLS Graphix™service name / graphic arts series
ShockJournal™application program
NuAngel™software technology / application program
NuMagination™company philosophy / personal branding
powered by NuMagination™ sloganslogan / company slogan
powered by NuMagination™ logologo / company logo
Kotowaza™application program
Kotowaza Editor™application program
RSS Scribbler™application program
Hummingbird™ RSS Parser (generation 1)RSS Parser (generation 1)
Lithium™ RSS Parser (generation 2)RSS Parser (generation 2)
Ram Nightingale™software / server / application technology
Doppelganger Foundation™organization name
Doppelganger Media™company name
Daily Zen™application program
Smart Placement Algorithms™software technology
Smart Location Algorithms™software technology
Obsidian Protocol™software technology / communications protocol
Montever™company name / application program suite
CPUm™application program
InnerCheat™application program
Obsidian Park™company name
KotoZen™application program
Chyba™software technology / framework
CocoaGeno™software technology / application program
T-Sphere™software technology / application program
ScreenVeil™application program
Crimson Foundation™organization name / service name
BuildVersioneer™software technology / application program
Everything I Needed to Know I Learned Sitting on the Toilet™book title
The Zen of Nu™book title
A Fork in the Road Called Hope™book title
Lawnicorn™ (The Lawn Unicorn)product
EcoPonent™software technology